You may think that a solicitors job is just ensuring that the legal stuff is dealt with. We think a solicitors job is ensuring that the legal stuff is dealt with in the best way for the family, especially the children.

You might think it is odd that your solicitor is encouraging you to avoid going to court! But we know that, if you could settle your disputes without a big court argument, maintaining respect for each other and making things easier for the children to deal with, you would. We know you'd prefer to say that you kept your dignity even during the difficult times. You want your children to feel they can invite both their parents to their weddings. You want a good separation.

Going through a separation is really hard! But keeping the process non-confrontational will make things easier and lead to solutions that work long term. It isn't necessary to go to Court to resolve legal disputes - there is almost always a better way.

Alternatives to Court

Most people going through a divorce or separation would rather not go to court if they can avoid it. Some of the alternatives are detailed below. Whichever approach you choose, professional assistance will help you reach a fair outcome as quickly and cost-effectively as possible. Find out more.


You are competent in your work with strong experience of your field and with great heart...thank you again for your assistance in the matter that I couldn't handle without your professional support. That's why my son and I will always remember you. Mr TB, Dudley.

I found Lisa highly professional when she dealt with a problem I had experienced. I found her knowledgeable and I found her very approachable and will recommend her to anyone needing advice and support. Mrs JP. Shrewsbury

I have found Lisa to be an excellent solicitor who always does her utmost to achieve the best possible outcome for her clients. Lisa is a keen and hard negotiator and is keen for matters to be resolved without the need for court intervention. Mr PJ, Dudley

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