The costs of a divorce depend on the circumstances of your case, the solicitor you instruct and your income.

There is a court fee for every divorce of £410.00 paid when you file your petition. The courts are able to reduce or waive this fee if your income is low. More information is available on court leaflet Court and Tribunal Fees - Do I Have to Pay Them? which includes the form you will need to complete and provide with evidence of your income.

If you instruct a solicitor to help you with your divorce, you will also need to pay his or her fees. Most solicitors charge a fixed fee to prepare divorce papers which may also include dealing with the court, writing letters and getting the divorce finalised though the courts. You can expect to pay upwards of £600.00 (plus VAT) in legal fees.

The difficulty is that every divorce is different, despite following a standard process. Some divorce proceedings are complicated. There may be difficulties with serving the court papers or about the evidence relied upon. Sometimes there is more than one country in which a divorce can be issued.

You should also remember that the divorce is separate to financial matters. If you have complicated financial arrangements, perhaps including pensions or a family business, then you should obtain specialised advice. It can be difficult for solicitors to set a fixed fee since the amount of time needed to deal with these issues is difficult to estimate. It is likely you will be charged at an hourly rate for the amount of time spent working on your case. Getting assistance can actually save you money and help you protect your assets.

I always offer fixed prices for divorce. I offer fixed fees for associated financial matters whenever possible. This is something we will consider during our free initial discussion. If it is not possible to set a fixed fee, I will give you an estimate as to what I expect your costs will be and will regularly update you. Payments can be made by monthly instalments and we can chat about a payment plan to suit you.

Legal Aid is available for some people who need a divorce. There are two requirements:

  1. your savings and income need to be below a threshold set by the Legal Aid Agency; and
  2. you must provide evidence that you have suffered domestic abuse in the last two years.

You can check whether you are eligible using the legal aid checker.

If your income is below the threshold but you do not have evidence of domestic abuse, you will not be able to receive Legal Aid. However, I will reduce my fees so that you pay no more than legal aid rates. Please ask me for more details.

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